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Is Your Life Worth 3 - 5 Seconds?
June 14, 2006
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Jeffrey M. Miller
June 14th, 2006

This issue's feature articles are...

  • Is Your Life Worth 3 - 5 Seconds?

  • New Self-Defense Video

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Is Your Life Worth 3 - 5 Seconds?

by Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller

For many, the thought of doing extra work is just too much. In many cases, I'm sure this is justified - as in the case of a family member who takes advantage of every day off you have, or the supervisor at work who, instead of making the slackards work, approaches you to get an important project finished because no one else will.


...when it comes to keeping yourself and your loved-ones safe, is there really such a thing as...

"...doing too much?"

How much time does it take to insure your safety?

If it's true, and I believe that it is, that AWARENESS is the first key to effective self-protection, then... much time does it take - what is the cost of making sure that you're not going to be the next victim of a criminal attack?


Would you believe...

...only about 3 to 5 SECONDS?

That's it.

IF, and it's a big "if," you know...

  • WHAT to be AWARE of

  • WHEN to make sure your "Spider-sense" awareness is actually "on" and working, and...

  • WHERE to direct that magical thing called AWARENESS to make sure you're looking in the RIGHT direction!

Let's face it...

It does you absolutely NO GOOD if...

  • You have no idea what to look for in the way of danger signs and signals that pre-empt an attack

  • You don't know what the key situations are when an assault is most likely to occur, and...

  • You aren't clear about where to look or about which direction the attack will come from

Here's an Example

Let's take the idea of dealing with a hostile attack in a restaurant

There is a simple 5-Point Safety Check that you can execute upon entering that will take... guessed it...

...about 3 to 5 seconds to dramatically decrease the possibility of your being surprised by a violent attacker.

Want to know what the procedure is?

I thought you might.

By the way: This procedure, and a bunch more like it, are available on my "Danger Prevention Tactics" DVD which is filled with the same techniques, tactics, and strategies used by top security professionals to avoid and escape from trouble before it ever gets a chance to touch them, every day.

To get your copy of this powerful self-protection video Here's the Link

5-Point Safety Check for Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars

Immediately upon entering the establishment, locate the...

1) Restrooms

2) Kitchen entrance

3) Emergency exit(s), and...

4) Scan the faces of the patrons and staff already present

Got it?

What's that? Where's the 5th?

After all, I did say it was a "5-Point" safety check, now didn't I?

The 5th point is...

...the Main Entrance you just walked through - remember?

Great, you've located these areas... what?

Well, the point is "Now" nothing.

You will have to learn and understand the "why" long before you go into that particular situation. (Funny how, everybody wants to learn what "to do" before they ever consider what "they might have to handle." But, don't worry...

...the why is quick and easy. The hard part - at least in the beginning - is...

REMEMBERING to do the steps when you need to!

For those of you who have read my book, "The Karate Myth," you learned about the 6 Phases of an effective Self-Defense Plan. If you haven't read the book yet, go here right now to get it. You can't get a realistic handle on this whole process until you know the answers to the questions posed above. Get the book. Read it. And you'll start seeing incredible changes in the both the way you look at self-defense AND the world around you!

Okay. Let's take a look at the 5-Point Safety Check as it relates to restaurants, clubs, and bars.

The question here, to really understand the "strategic mindset" of someone who knows how to stay safe (as opposed to someone who just knows a few physical techniques) is...


  • WHY the entrance?

  • WHY the restrooms?

  • WHY the kitchen?

  • WHY the emergency exit? And...

  • WHY scan the faces?

For those of you who already have the books and videos, you can go back to those sections for a deeper look. But, for a quick overview of the strategy, here's a good place to start.


This is the common point of access for most and, as a customer, we might tend to limit our attention here when we think of either danger entering the environment, or for our own escape. The fact is, though, that precisely BECAUSE of its "commonness", the bad guys will also be thinking here.

I do want to know where the entrance is relative to where I am in the establishment but, more importantly, I want to be able to see it so I can watch for danger that enters after me. If this is my first time visiting this place, I also want to get a general "feel" for the place as I'm approaching and entering. This way I can see if there are risks or potential threats readily present and whether or not I want to proceed.


Quite simply, it's an escape issue here. Restrooms are generally One-way-in/One-way-out spaces. Unless your plan involves luring your assailant into a tight space for a surprise attack, these make lousy hiding places during one. If you don't train yourself to be able to identify an exit from a trap, especially under pressure, you may find yourself just running toward any door under panic conditions and ending up in a worse-case scenario.


While it IS possible that danger could present itself in the form of a disgruntled employee, there is a greater likelihood of danger entering the premises through the kitchen entrance. And, while these doors are usually equipped with security alarms and required to be closed except during delivery times - we all know that this may not always be the case. Also, remembering that the exit is present will give us another optional escape route should we need it. One that we may not have thought of in the first place.


Is just that - an exit. However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind.

First, this door usually provides no access to the facility from the outside - allowing for no danger to enter. This means that you don't need to be watching for potential intruders.

In addition, most areas, at least in the US and Canada, require that these doors be equipped with emergency alarms which activate when the door is opened. While this may not seem like a bad thing at first, and for many threats it may not be. However, the last thing you want to do is alert a gun-wielding attacker - one that doesn't have to chase you - to your presence and/or intentions.


Common sense dictates that "danger comes from the most likely places." Therefore, we want to do a quick scan of the patrons already present to see if anyone looks like they might be angry, upset, and disgruntled. Since the face, as-well-as body posture is a good indicator of mood and mental state, we can get a fairly accurate reading as to what someone may or may not do under certain states.

If I identify anyone who looks like they may be trouble, I want to sit in a way that allows me to keep an eye in their direction without overtly staring (no need to trigger or provoke something that I was originally trying to prevent!). That way, if there is any change, I will see it and be able to respond appropriately.

Of course, if the person's demeanor changes or they get up and leave, I can let it go.

Remember, self-protection is a lifestyle - not a thing you wait to do "when" something happens. The farther away we can position ourselves from danger - both in time and space - the safer we will be.

It takes mere seconds to insure your safety. I don't call that extra work. I call it...!

Peace, Happiness, and Safety,

Shidoshi Miller


I am ready to release a new video called, "The Cutting Edge: Surviving a Knife Attack"

It will teach you the important key elements for quickly and effectively defending yourself against a knife (or other edged-weapon)-wielding assailant. Each point covered is accompanied by technique examples showing you the principle in action so you'll know what to do and how to go about it.

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Learn how to really defend yourself against an assailant armed with a knife. Order your copy of "The Cutting Edge: Surviving a Knife Attack" Today!

And, speaking of videos, I have posted a few free self-defense video clips on the web site for you to download. The clips come complete with sound so you can hear me narrate exactly what I'm doing each step of the way. Unfortunately, the videos are only available as .wmf (Windows Movie Files). This will change as I have them converted to formats that have a much greater reach, but until then...

I will update these regularly and create an archive for older videos. To get your free self-defense videos, go to the main page at and look in the right border near the top. Or, go directly to the self-defense video page at

Don't forget...

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Whether your interested in martial arts, warrior training, Traditional Japanese Ninjutsu, or non-martial arts self-defense training, the WCI Forums are a great place to get free ideas, hints and tips from other teachers and students, just like you.

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Until next time.

Wishing you Peace, Happiness, and Safety...

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Founder & Director
Warrior Concepts International
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