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Aiming for the Best Targets!
June 17, 2007
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From the Desk of: Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller
Thursday, June 16th, 2007
11:30PM EST Time

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Feature Article: "Aiming for the Best Targets"

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Feature Article:

Aiming for the Best Targets!

by Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller

When discussing self-defense for beginners and those new to the realm of self-protection, I'm often asked...

"If I just want to get out of there and need to shut this guy down fast, what are the best areas of his body to hit?"

I love questions like this, because it tells me that the person asking it is thinking "strategically" rather than simply mechanically. If you ask questions, not related as much to "what" it is that you can do but, "how," "where," "when," and "why"... tells me that you're thinking about results, effectiveness, and efficiency...

...all signs of a true martial arts master or self-defense expert.

Well, before answering this all-important question, let me tell you that I'm writing several new books focused on this very important, and often overlooked topic. In fact, the demand for such books is so high, that I just can't get things done fast enough!

The following are just a few of the topics currently on the "get it out there so they can use it" list:

  • Ninja Juroppo-Ken "The 16 Fists of the Ninja"

  • Stop, Drop, & Run! "The Best Targets to Attack for Escaping a Self-Defense Situationn Quickly!"

  • Shuriken-Jutsu "The Art of Mastering the Ninja's Throwing Stars"

  • Hanbo-Jutsu "Using Short Sticks and Cans for Self-Defense"

I really DO have quite a list, and it keeps growing every day.

I'll be releasing information about each book or video as it becomes available so be sure to stay informed.

I'm also asking readers to post comments telling me what you'd like to see included in the above books. While you're at it, if there's a topic (book, weapon, etc.) you'd like me to write or produce as a video, tell me that too. (Oh, and for all of the spammers out there, your sales pitch posts will be deleted so... save your time and ours and keep moving!)

Now... where was I? Oh, right... excellent targets.

As I see it, there are seven body targets that are perfect for the beginnner to focus on if they're looking to be able to drop an assailant quickly and effectively. As a quick side-bar, let me also say that there are many ways of attacking each target and selecting the best one in an attack situation will take more than just knowing it's there.

That being said, here are the 'Dirty 7':

  • 1. Nose - Nothing stops an assailant, or anyone else for that matter, like a quick shot to the nose - in ANY direction! Even a light shot instantly brings tears to the eyes and disorientation. And... NO! It's not generally considered a killing shot by 'real' experts!

  • 2. Eyes - Human beings are generally sight-oriented creatures. And, our bodies are hard-wired to protect our eyes from even the slightest danger. Even the mere threat of attacking your opponent's eyes will have him changing his tactics as a minimum, and running for the hills as a best-case scenario!

  • 3. Jaw/Tip of Chin - A well-placed palm-strike to the tip of the chin, or even a thumb-tip driven up under the jaw-line will send an attacker realing in pain or knock him out cold!

  • 4. Throat - Just as with the eyes, our bodies are wired to protect the most vulnerable areas. The windpipe, arteries, and veins that pack the neck and throat area are all life-sustaining systems. And... they are exposed to the world and without their own defenses! A firm grab or sharp blow to any of these systems can shut an attacker down - permanently!

  • 5. Sternum/Solar Plexus - The bottom tip of the sternum, or breat bone, is called the xyphoid process (pronounced "zie-foid"). It's a small, triangular shaped, boney protrusion that actually has some flex to it. It points at the top of the abdominal cavity which, itself, is sensitive. These defensive "alarm" triggers are there to warn the body of attacks to the heart, lungs, and other organs NOT protected by the ribs in this region. Even a light punch or kick to this area can leave the assailant breathless - or worse.

  • 6. Groin - Do I really need to describe the effects of a grab, punch, or kick here? Didn't think so. However, it would be a good idea to get the notion that this is only effective against men, right out of your head!

    And finally...

  • 7. Knees - That's right... the knees. Everyone seems to think the knees are only weapons and yet, size-for-size, they're one of the weakest joints in the human body. In fact, it only takes about 65 lbs of pressure to pop an adult knee joint. And I don't care if we're talking about mine, or Arnold Shwartzenagger's!

    Well, there you have it. A quick list of the best targets for quickly ending a self-defense attack. Now... all you have to do is learn "how," "when," "where," to attack.

    When's that book coming out again?

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    Broken Links & Missing Information

    Unfortunately, I am not as well-versed at the use and manipulation of internet technology as I am of self-defense skills. Not necessarily a bad thing, except that...

    ...I can't get the self-defense information to you if I don't have a good handle on the technology. Catch 22, I know, but...

    As many of you know, there have been a number of problems with the web site for quite some time. Missing pages, broken links, dead ends, etc. And, just as unfortunate is the fact that most visitors who encounter these inconveniences, merely click away from the site and all of the great information, only to land God-knows-where!

    Luckily for me, I have a "fan" in Texas who is also an IT expert (who really knows his stuff and is for hire!) who was gracious enough to run a little software program and send me a report on the errors he found.

    All I can say, for myself and all of my readers and students is... Thanks Edwin!

    Thanks to Mr. Young's gesture, I have been hard at work repairing the errors. And the results have been awesome! In the first few days alone - after only making fixes to the main page and two others, the responses from subscriptions, page views, and the downloads of reports jumped dramatically!

    So... if you've run into any problems on the site or had difficulty accessing things or even trying to order a product only to encounter a pricing conflict - check back, it's probably fixed or will be in the next week or so.

    Again, I apologize for the problems you may have faced and any inconvenience. But, I also want to thank Mr. Edwin Young again for the help in isolating many of the issues that are plaguing the site.

    (I'm sure Mr. Young is available for your site project. However, to keep his information secure, you'll need to contact him through me and I'll see that you and he connect. I know you won't be sorry.)

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    Until next time. Wishing you Peace, Happiness, and Safety...

    Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
    Founder & Director
    Warrior Concepts International
    Self-Protection & Personal Development

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    "Master Your Self - Master Your Life!"

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