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Learning Self-Defense? What Is It That You're Protecting?
April 11, 2006
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Here's your latest edition of the Warrior Concepts Self-Defense Newsletter.

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Jeffrey M. Miller
April 11th, 2006

This issue's feature articles are...

  • Life Purpose - Reflecting on "Where We Are, and Where We Want to Be"

  • The WCI Forums! are Growing - Get in on the Action!

  • Why Attend Ninja Camp?

  • What's New at

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As always, there's lots to talk about, so...

Let's get started...

Quick Admin Note...

The Introductory period that I set for testing the popularity of my books and videos is almost up.

This means that, on Friday, April 14th, 2006...

All of the prices on MY products will be returning to their regular price tags.

That includes:

  • Danger Prevention Tactics DVD

  • "The Karate-Myth"

  • The 2004 Ninja Camp Video (long overdue!)

  • in fact, anything currently listed on the website that is an original work.

This will make room for all of the new products that I'll be releasing over the course of the next several weeks.


Now's the time to get anything that you've missed, before the price changes!


I think this issue's article needs a bit of an introduction.


Because, for many, it will, at first-glance, appear to have absolutely nothing to do with Self-Defense. And yet... has EVERYTHING to do with it!

So, before you write it off in the first few paragraphs, do yourself the favor of reading it all the way through. I promise that, by the end of the article, the reasoning will become clear. If not...

...perhaps I'm not the one to be guiding YOU.

Life Purpose - Reflecting on "Where We Are, and Where We Want to Be"

by Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller

In many of my adult programs, new students are led through a life skill process designed to help them discover what we call our Life Purpose. However, instead of attempting to tell you what should be important to you or what should satisfy you in the way of answers, beliefs, etc. (as is the case in many religions and self-help therapies) it's much more powerful if you go through a process by which you can come to "know yourself."

"But," I hear many of you asking, "why should I have a Life Purpose?"

The question itself suggesting that a Life Purpose is something that you can 'get.' But, that's not it at all. That would be like taking the phrase, "get a life" to heart when, in reality, you already have a life. No, the point is not to get something outside of yourself but instead to discover something that has been with you for at least a good part of your life.

What is your Life Purpose?

It's that part of you - that feeling in the deepest depths of your heart-of-hearts that, when it's fullfilled, sets your heart ablaze - makes you feel whole - complete - makes you see life as a place where you could truly be happy.

Your Life Purpose is just that, that thing about you that gives your life, well.... Purpose. It is the cause by which everything else in your life is done, measured, obtained, and sought. Anything that doesn't is a distraction.

And, it is the difference between living life intentionally, and living accidentally as though you had no control.

All warriors and those seeking to create the life of their dreams, have a 'cause' for which they are willing to fight and if necessary, willing to lay down their lives to protect.

What's yours?

Have you ever thought about it like this before?

What do you want your life to be about, to stand for?

What do you want to pass onto your children or others who look up to you as a role-model?

What guides your choices and decisions and what do you want others to remember about 'you' at the end of your life...

...after you're gone, and...

...after it's too late to do anything about it?

Do you need to know your Life Purpose? The answer is of course "No!"

Not if you want to live life, taking whatever comes your way with little or nothing to say about it.

But, if you are really...seriously...working on the concept of personal development, the question must be answered...

..."what is this 'self' that is worth developing - worth protecting?"

Because, after all, if there is nothing that you can do to control the development - nothing of value to protect - i.e. no you, then...

...why bother learning to develop or protect it at all?

Want to learn more about this powerful, life-changing topic?

Join me for a fre.e Webinar this week where I'll be discussing the concept of discovering your "Life Purpose" or "Primary Aim" and how this is different than setting goals.

Here's the information:

"Living and Thinking Like a Warrior: Your Life Purpose"

With Two Opportunities to attend:

Thursday, April 13th at 8:00pm EST, and...

Friday, April 14th at 10pm EST

To register for this powerful,, training opportunity, use the link below to be taken to the registration form:

Enroll early - If we find that we are running out of resources, we will have to limit attendance on a first-come/first-serve basis.

Each event will be "broadcast" at a different time over two days to make it easier for as many people to participate as possible.

Go to the registration form on-site to register. During registration, you'll be able to list up to three questions that you'd like to have answered about these topics during the actual event. Take advantage of this opportunity to get what you need.

Again, these events are fre.e to WCI members and Newsletter Subscribers. If you know of someone who wants to participate, or want to post the events in forums that you regularly visit to let others know about them - go ahead and let people know. The more the merrier. However, ONLY registered subscribers will be given an access password to participate.

These events will be recorded and re-released as training products in the future. This is your chance to get the information first-hand, and at no cost.

So, just click on this link to be taken to the registration page:

Then, you'll receive a confirmation email containing any relevant materials needed and your access password, etc. a few days before the event.

Get in on the Action!

Join the WCI Forums!

Why wait for this newsletter to reach your email box to stay informed about the subjects that matter most to you?

The WCI Forums! consist of 40 subsections and enough topics for just about everyone interested in some aspect of Self-Protection, Personal Development, and Warriorship as offered by Warrior Concepts. We have individual forums that cover interests including:

  • Each of the Phases of Effective Self-Defense

  • Child-Safety

  • Women's Self-Defense

  • Module-based Training for WCI's Hometown Students

  • Parents-Only Section

  • Warriorship

  • Mikkyo and Life-Skills

  • Traditional Shinobi (Ninja) Training, and...

  • much, Much, MORE!

WCI Forum! membership has grown rapidly over the past several weeks and the discussions are really starting to heat up.

So, get in on the action and help make this one of the most active, informative, and useful discussion areas on the world wide web!

Get your membership to the WCI Forums by clicking on this link:

Why Attend Ninja Camp?

There are so many reasons for attending one of our intensive Spring or Fall Ninja Training Camps. But, instead of telling you why YOU should attend...

...I'm going to tell you Why "I" attended the camps originally hosted by my own teacher many years ago."

You and I both know how hectic our lives can get. And, no matter how serious we are about our training and the plans we make for getting to class or, for many of us, actually getting around to enrolling in a program, ultimately "life happens!"

I know this to be true, probably more than most. Everyone thinks that, because I'm a 10th degree black belt, that somehow I was blessed with an easier life - that I was luckier, or had more money, time, or help - than everyone else.

Let me tell you...

"THAT is nowhere close to describing my early days of training in this martial art!"

In fact, would you believe that I have NEVER been closer than a 9 hour drive from one of my Ninjutsu teachers? And now that I train in Japan, I have to drive between 2 to 4 hours...

...JUST to get to the AIRPORT!

In the early days of the art in America - we're talking the 80's and even early 90's - seminars and camps were the only way that most practitioners could get the training they needed. And the Ninja Festivals held by Shidoshi Stephen K. Hayes were one such event that really set the stage for everyone else to follow.

And, that event, regardless of what else I did, was on my calendar as a MUST DO - every year. No exceptions. No excuses. No distractions.

Well, okay, life DID get in the way once or twice, but, the point is...

...these were my MUST-DO training opportunities.


Because each camp provided me with an opportunity to do what warriors traditionally did, and have been doing for centuries... get away from the turmoil of the world, if even for just a few precious days, with...

  • NO Distractions

  • NO Commitments

  • NO Interruptions

  • NO Traffic to Fight

  • NO Battles to Fight

...Nothing to get in the way of what I needed most...

The chance to focus on my training with teachers that knew how to help me get the most out of every lesson.

I know that sounds hokie, but, to me, it was true. Otherwise, why else would I have gone?


It gave me a chance, on a lower-enlisted US Army soldier's salary - one with a family to support and the same bills that everyone has - to get the most "bang-for-my-buck" as far as costs went.

When I thought about how much I was paying per class - with just one teacher - and doing it for only an hour or so at a shot with barely enough time to remember things before returning to the job, kids, etc...

Camp was a bargain at any price.

I was able to train for two-and-a-half days...

Two-and-a-half Days!

With none of the things I listed above.

I mean, I could literally eat, sleep, and live this art and the lessons and see them working in everything I did, without worrying about "life" crashing in and throwing me off track.

Let me tell you what that does for your level of understanding - your ability to internalize the lessons - your ability to progress...

And, it's one of the most traditional things a modern warrior can do that's in-line with our spiritual ancestors.

I truly credit those earlier camps as the most important single key to my progress and understanding.

Are you registered for this year's...

Spring Ninja Training Camp

June 2nd - 4th, 2006.

Join me and several other senior black belt instructors for a weekend of intense training...


You just can't get a better training deal than a WCI Ninja Training Camp. Just look at all you get...

  • 18 hours of training (valued at over $450 alone!)

  • Lodging in spaceous cabins (valued at $75)

  • 5 Delicious home-cooked meals by the facilities staff (valued at $50)

  • A commemorative Camp T-shirt (valued at $20)

You get a complete seminar package, including lodging AND meals, with senior black belt instructors in the art of Ninjutsu - people who know what it takes to protect yourself from a dangerous attacker and empower your life for success.

A $595 value for only $199!


  • There are no rank requirements (That means Ninja Camp is open to everyone regardless of belt rank, experience, or prior martial arts experience. Everyone, from beginners to advanced black belts, will get something from this powerful weekend that will literally accellerate your training!)

  • An Excellent 1st Experience for New Students (What better way to explore the realm of the Ninja's "martial arts of winning" than to immerse yourself into a weekend of training in topics that normally takes years to get to for the average student. You will literally do MORE in one weekend than most students experience in two or three years of regular class training!)

  • Expand Your Network of Friends (For many students, our annual camps are the preferred way to stay in-touch with those training partners that are spread out across the globe. The friendships you develop in this art are deeper and more-connected than most that you will ever experience!)

  • Direct Training Under the Guidance of Shidoshi Miller (For many, the WCI Annual Ninja Training Camps are the vehicle by which they can train directly with Shidoshi Miller. Camp provides a means for serious students to apply for and have the Shidoshi as their personal teacher!)

Camp Special!

Save $25

This Week Only!

Remember: You're already getting a training experience valued at almost $600 for $200. Register by Monday, May 1st, 2006, and save another $25!

Use one of the buttons below to register through our secure PayPal server:

To Pay-in-Full

To Register with a deposit of $50US:

Not Sure Yet?

No problem...

You can get Full details and a downloadable flyer from the Ninja Camp information page at:

The PayPal links are NOW ACTIVE so you can register right from the web site. Or, if you prefer to register for this intense weekend of training in the ways and skills of the Ninja Warrior by phone, simply call the Academy at (570) 988-2228 with your card information.


In addition to all of the great stuff to be had and do at camp, the 1st 20 students registered will also receive a FREE copy of the Camp video! (and we're almost there, so...) (Another $40 value! - at the camp discount price)

Also mark your calendars as...

Fall Ninja Camp is scheduled for November 3rd - 5th, 2006. Want to come for half-price? Regi.ster now and save $100!

Go to the camp page using the above link and click on the appropriate PayPal button to register.

What's New...

There are some brand new resources online at

Many of these include resources especially designed for parents and child caregivers. Among them are two fr.e.e special reports:

"10 Really Stupid Things Parents Do to Place Their Child in Danger Without Evening Knowing It!"

Here's the link:


"Child Safety 24/7"

Here's the link:

NOTE: Make sure you check the link before you click or cut and paste it. We've been finding that some of the email readers have a tendancy to cut text at the wrong places. Our members have reported that the "ml" at the end of our links (should be ".html") is often cut and moved to the next line of text.

If this happens, or you get an error message like "Page Doesn't Exist", please check the link - especially this part. If it's missing, just add it to complete the string and that should fix the problem.

There's also a New Product Page that includes self-defense items like self-defense keychains, pepper spray, and more.

I'll be adding more items over the next few weeks, so check back often.

Also, if there's something that you want me to carry, let me know.

Just a note though...

I WILL NOT offer anything that I would not use or have not personally reviewed or tested. Of course I'd like to make a living by offering quality products, but...

...not at the expense of giving you a false sense of security!

Also, I'll be adding several other resources this week, including:

  • A 7-part email course on "How to Defeat the Bully Without Fighting"

  • A report and eCourse on the "10 Steps to Effective Self-Defense"

...and more.

As always, if you're looking for something specific, send me something using the contact form on the website or post it on the forums (you can also send me an email there!).

Well, I think that's it for now.

If you haven't already done so, remember to register for the f.ree Webinar this week. If you miss it, you can always get the recording. But... can't get the benefit of being able to participate directly and influence the content of this powerful new training opportunity with your personal questions!

Until Next Time!

Wishing you Peace, Happiness, and Safety...

Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Founder & Director
Warrior Concepts International
Self-Protection & Personal Development

362 Market Street
Sunbury, Pa. 17801

(570) 988-2228

"Master Your Self - Master Your Life!"

Do you have something of interest? A comment? Suggestion?

Drop me a line using this link. Please remember to stay focused on one point and, if your comment is NOT for general publication, you MUST state that in your message. Otherwise, all correspondence with me will be considered free for use in whatever way I may deem appropriate for public use.

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