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Desire to Begin Martial Arts Training...What's Stopping You?
February 28, 2006
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Desire to Begin Martial Arts Training...What's Stopping You?
February 28th, 2006

From the Desk of
Jeffrey M. Miller

Everyday, hundreds and perhaps thousands of men and women think about taking martial arts lessons. I know because I hear from them constantly, either by way of email, phone, or in letters mailed to the academy.

The vast majority are, more-often-than not, trapped in this "thinking about it" stage and will never take that next, most important step to making it happen. And, it's sad really.

While the reasons vary as to why each person wants to involve themselves in the martial arts...

1. Self-defense...

2. Life skills...

3. An affinity for the East or the concept of Warriorship, and...

4. Many more too numerous to list here

...the point is that each sees what he or she needs to feel more confident, powerful, or in-control of his or her life through the study and practice of the martial arts.

Why then, are these well-meaning individuals stuck in, what Dr. Seuss called, "The Waiting Place?"

Perhaps one of the reasons is that each believes that he or she must have certain skills or abilities before they can begin.

Perhaps they believe that their situation, with work schedules, a limited budget, or their physical fitness and level of health, is unique to themselves.

Maybe they believe that they should already possess certain life-skills like discipline, focus, and anything else besides their apparent heart-felt desire to begin.

And maybe, just maybe, they're afraid that others with more experience in the academy will make fun of them, or look down on them in some way because they're a beginner and don't know very much.

As a senior practitioner who has been involved in the study and practice of the martial arts for self-defense and every other reason listed here for over two-thirds of my life, I'd like to quite possibly be the first to say that...

You don't need any skills and abilities, life or other BEFORE beginning your training. You don't need to be in any sort of "perfect shape" or have rock-solid discipline, commitment, or focus, either. That would be like putting the cart before the horse for these are the things that you will be learning... a part of your martial arts study!

No. The only thing that you need to match, what apparently is a heartfelt desire to begin your martial arts training, is a willingness to take that first step. And, where else, but as a "beginner" would you start? We were all beginners once and I think the best of us stay that way, in heart, mind, and spirit - forever.

I do know this, however. If you wait for the "right time." If you wait to be properly "motivated," or for your schedule to "free up," or to have more money...

If you... (fill in the blank for you)...

... It will quite-likely never happen for you and you will live out one of the fears that keeps me and many other successful people moving...

... the fear that, on my death-bed, I will regret NOT following my dreams - not living the life I always wanted.

You see, where most people are stopped by the fear of failure, the fear of fear, all the "things" that become the "reason" for NOT doing...

I am driven by the knowledge that I will forever regret NOT taking action.

So... It's time to decide.

Take action, or... with yourself for not doing so.

The choice is yours.

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Until Next time...

Peace and Happiness,

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi Warrior Concepts International Self-Protection & Personal Development

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Book and video aside though, there REALLY is nothing like participating and learning in a live training event. So...

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Please note: These sessions are not for the idly curious. And I must have enough people registered to hold them. They are limited to WCI Black Belts and Shinobi-kai program students, as-well-as other Ninjutsu and Mikkyo students from other schools and/or training groups.

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The tentative date set for Spring Ninja Training Camp is May 19 - 21. I am still waiting to here from Camp Mt. Luther as to whether or not they can accommodate us. As soon as this date is firm, I will be placing the flyer up and attaching a link so that you can register and pay for camp online.

As for other training opportunities, I will have that schedule worked out in the next few days.

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Can't seem to make it to my events here at WCI Central Academy? No problem! Why not take the initiative and bring the knowledge to you're area?

Send me an email at and put "Sponsor Info" in the Subject box.

I'll send you information for sponsoring a seminar in your local area and how you can get your training for free and maybe even make some extra money for yourself in the process!

Now, who can beat that kind of situation?!

Sponsoring a seminar is really easy and can be a lot of fun. In fact, that's exactly what I did when I first started in Ninjutsu. I was living in Germany and working for the US ARMY as a military policeman. So, getting to training back here in the States, or anywhere for that matter was practically impossible.

But, instead of hoping and wishing that I could do it, I did the next (and probably) best thing...

...I brought my teachers TO me!

And, trust me, if I can do it, you can too.


Again, thanks to everyone for your great questions. In the next post, I'll be answering those from a few more students so, don't be shy and send me some stuff.

The most important thing for everyone to remember is to make this training very personal. Make sure that you're getting what you need and sewing up any loose ends in your own training, skills, and overall ability to handle yourself... least in the most common situations that YOU are likely to encounter in your life.

Remember that...

...if it bothers you and you want to be able to handle a certain type of situation, others probably want to know also. So, get personal and start the ball rolling by asking about it. Don't be like everyone else who is sitting there on their duff waiting for everyone else to ask the questions!

Well, until next time.

Here's wishing you Peace, Happiness, and much safety...

You're Friend on the Path,

Shihan Jeffrey M. Miller


Please send in those testimonials and comments. Many of you tell me on a regular basis why you come to my camps, seminars, and classes and how you think I'm doing. NOW it's time to tell everyone else!

Seriously. It sounds very conceited and "sales-like" when I say how great something is but, when YOU say it, people take notice and listen.

Why? Because you are a student just like them. You are the ones who return class after class and year after year (many of you coming in for private lessons with me separately from Camps and Seminars). This says something about yourselves but, it also says something about what you believe you're getting from me and these powerful events.

So, please. Send me something to post so others will know what they're missing.


Want to send me a question or comment....

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Please keep your submission short and to the point. Any submissions that stray from topic, require too much in the way of editing (please use the spell-check and grammar check functions on your word processor - after all, you paid for them!), or are self-serving and abusive will simply be deleted.

I'll try to answer your email personally, especially if it's of a personal nature but most submissions will be answered here.

Talk to you again in a few days.

Be Safe!

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shihan
10th Degree Black Belt
Founder and Director
Warrior Concepts International

Self-Protection & Personal Development

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