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Choosing to be a "Survivor" Instead of a Victim
March 07, 2006
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March 7th, 2006

This issue's feature articles are...

A Reason to Study Reality-Based Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Choosing to be a Survivor Instead of a Victim

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I have lots to share with you in this issue, so...

Let's get started...

A Reason to Study Reality-Based Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Imagine, if you will...

A woman walking across a dark parking lot late at night - perhaps on her way to meet her date. The lot, apparently occupied only by the vehicles parked there and the occasional cat hunting for an evening snack.

Then, as if from out of nowhere, she feels the hard, meaty arm slam into her throat from the front. While her mind races to determine exactly what's happening, she becomes more and more aware that she is not in control - her world has just changed forever.

The woman feels her muscles contract and, though she tries to move, is aware that much of her own body won't respond to her brain's commands. As the adrenaline and other chemicals flood her blood stream in natural response to danger, she is overcome by a multitude of feelings and sensations that she has, quite literally, never experienced before.

As the initial shock response and wave of panic begins to ebb, she finds herself becoming aware of the sensation of her assailant's body behind her and the fact that his arm is coming from over her right shoulder. She can now hear his hot, rasping breath in her ear and perhaps the fact that he is saying something to her; though she's not quite sure what it is.

Since she's taken a few self-defense classes, she remembers learning how to get out of this type of attack and reaches up to grab and pull his arm away from her neck. What she finds though, is that she cannot even begin to budge it in the least.

"Wait a minute," she thinks in a moment of clarity, "this isn't right."

"This isn't right!"

"It always worked in class." "This guy's holding me too tight!" "No one ever holds THIS TIGHT!"

She feels the next wave of panic start to grip her. Not because she is being attacked but...

...because she realizes that her defense doesn't work.

"Why?" "What's going on?!"

"It's supposed to work!" "He said it would wo...."

As the darkness of unconsciousness overtakes her, she is left with the feeling of a warm blanket that is being pulled over someone who will sleep for a long while.


The preceding story, believe it or not, happens several times every single day in our country and around the world. To be certain, the details are different. Perhaps the victim... a man - not a woman...

...never actually trained with anyone and just had their own assumptions...

...was attacked differently, but...

...the results are always the same.

Or, are they?

We're Renovating!

When you visit the web site over the next several weeks and months, you will be met with a slightly altered look and feel to the "place." With all of the new visitors to the site (about a 150/day!), there has become a need to redo the way the site works.


The site will still have all of the great articles and information that you've come to expect. In fact, it will have even more!

This renovation will be a "top-down" reworking of the site to provide...

    1) Ease of navigation

    2) Better access to resources and materials

    3) Repair of broken and missing links, and...

    4) The addition of...

      ...PayPal links to allow you to register for camps, seminars, courses, and even the new teleseminars and webinars that will be available!

      ...more books and videos by respected and knowledgeable instructors who really DO know what they're talking about, and...

      ...a fully dedicated Warrior Concepts Forum!

I'm really excited about all of this new upgrade. It's more than I've ever attempted before but, with the help of a new team of dedicated individuals who are both students and loyal friends, I know that WC Online will become one of the fastest-growing and respected martial arts, self-defense, and ninjutsu sites on the internet!

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Self-Defense - Choosing to be a Survivor Instead of a Victim

We've all seen the news stories. They fill a good portion of the evening news and the daily papers - both online and in print. Dating, working, on vacation - no life situation seems to be safe from the possibility of attack.

Have you ever wondered...

What if the victims in many of these stories had properly prepared themselves for the eventuality of being attacked, because...

  • 1. They recognized the existence of danger in the world...

  • 2. They knew that, based on the shear numbers of incidents that...

      ...danger could, and probably might, touch them, and...

  • 3. They took steps to insure that they would be a survivor instead of a victim who's story would be laid bare to the world, courtesy of the press...

What if even one story ended like this...

"...she remembers learning how to get out of this type of attack and [automatically] reaches up to grab and pull his arm away from her neck. What she finds though, is that she cannot even begin to budge it in the least.

"Taking the short stick-like key ring that she habitually carries in her hand when there might be a need, she begins delivering a barrage of stabbing and grinding attacks to her assailant's body. As she feels his grip loosen, she expands her counter-attack to include stamping heel kicks to his instep, smashing headbutt strikes to his face behind her head, and maybe even a well-placed elbow or two to his ribcage.

"She finds herself free as her assailant is sent reeling from the painful blows. She stands there in her defensive position, watching to see what his next move will be, her eyes burning with rage and indignation. Her very presence communicates to her would-be attacker that, "what he is feeling right now is the nicest thing that he will feel if he tries to touch her again!"

Can you see how the assailant's own perception would be suddenly different, because...

Seeing what was supposed to be his victim standing before him, obviously prepared to do more than he has already experienced, the assailant's intentions change. What began as a defensive, anger-response to his own pain and a desire for retaliation, has now, with the realization that his victim is no-such-thing, he decides that his own safety is more important than what he wanted from "this" particular target.

He decides to let her go. And, besides...

...he will be able to find another, easier, victim...

...soon enough.


This story also illustrates a common occurrence - more common, in fact, than most of us ever begin to realize. It describes, in one form, what happens to would-be assailants every day, who choose the wrong target and are left with the realization that not everyone will play the role of the "victim."

Unfortunately, stories like this are usually never reported on by either the police or news people.

Why? Because they never even know about them. Because the intended victim handled things on their own and escaped safely, returning home to friends and family.

This article then, is a tribute to all those who have decided that, should something ever happen, they choose the outcome of this story to be theirs.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if even half of citizens were capable and prepared to defend themselves against danger? I for one can think of two types of people who would have to find new work...

...criminal attackers, and...


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Sunday's training will focus on disarming and retention skills - being able to take away an assailant's weapon and hold on to our own in the heat of a fight.

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Now, who can beat that kind of situation?!

Sponsoring a seminar is really easy and can be a lot of fun. In fact, that's exactly what I did when I first started in Ninjutsu. I was living in Germany and working for the US ARMY as a military policeman. So, getting to training back here in the States, or anywhere for that matter was practically impossible.

But, instead of hoping and wishing that I could do it, I did the next (and probably) best thing...

...I brought my teachers TO me!

And, trust me, if I can do it, you can too.


Until Next time...

Peace and Happiness,

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
Warrior Concepts International
Self-Protection & Personal Development
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