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Welcome to the online HQ of Warrior Concepts Int'l and it's founder, self-defense and development expert, Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller.

If you're interested in seriously effective street self-defense, real-world self-protection without years of "hi-ya!" style karate training, timeless life-empowering lessons for personal development and growth, or authentic Japanese Ninja Training and the lessons of ancient warriors, you've come to the right place.


Learn Ninjutsu Self-defense with Shidoshi Miller and Warrior Concepts

On this site you'll have
access to books,
videos, and training
opportunities that will
teach you the exact
same no-nonsense
techniques that
Shidoshi Miller has used
as a police officer,
undercover investigator,
private detective,
bodyguard, and modern-day warrior to keep himself, as-well-as his family and clients, safe and danger-free for over 25 years and launch him to international recognition status as one of the world's most knowledgeable teachers and self-defense experts on the internet.

So, regardless of whether you live locally and are looking for Academy training, will be traveling for or hosting a seminar, seeking online ninja training, books and videos, or you want to explore the Mikkyo 'mind-science' and meditation studies of the Ninja Warrior for personal development, you'll want to bookmark this page now and return often.

Self Defense Training is No Longer a Choice - It's a Responsibility
Self defense training is as necessary as learning how to swim. In today's world of random violence, school bullying, and global terrorism, we can no longer believe that self defense training...

Your Source to Learn Ninjutsu and Samurai Martial Arts
Would you like to learn ninjutsu and the authentic Japanese martial arts of the warrior? Let Warrior Concepts and Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller...

5 Primary Weapons Types
All martial arts training with weapons, especially in ninjutsu, can be broken down into 5 primary catagories. Ninja also have weapons that appear to fall outside these 5 but...

Seminars, Ninja Camps, Personal Empowerment, and Special Training Opportunities
These powerful seminars with Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller will help you to master every area of your life! Self-defense, ninja camps...

Life Skills Taught Through the Martial Art of Ninjutsu at Warrior Concepts
The martial arts have more to offer than self-defense. Students learn life skills that far exceed most self-improvement and personal development programs. Adult life skills and child development...

Martial Arts and Self Defense for Kids at Warrior Concepts
Kids have special needs when it comes to martial arts and self defense. At WCI, we specialize in helping kids learn to deal with the bully without fighting, improve self esteem, and...

Hiring a Self Defense Consultant Could Be the Best Move Your Company Can Make!
Want to add an employee benefit that has the same effect as insurance while also enhancing productivity, confidence, and the like? Hiring a self defense consultant could be the best move your...

Self-Defense Product Page: From Warrior Concepts and Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller
Get your martial arts and self-defense supplies, equipment, books, and videos from a name you can trust. This is the self-defense product page where you'll find...

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Links to Recommended Resources to help you get the most out of training
Links to outside sources to help you get the most out of your martial arts and self-defense training. You'll find links to vendors, associations, and more.

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This Kubotan Book will teach you the basics of the Self-Defense Keychain!
This new Kubotan book by self-defense expert, Jeffrey M. Miller, provides an excellent foundation for using the powerful Self-defense keychain weapon for personal protection. The Kubotan book...

Self-Defense Videos from Warrior Concepts & Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller
Self-defense videos from Warrior Concepts founder and Master Instructor Jeffrey M. Miller are the perfect way for you to get the training you need, regardless of where you live. Self-defense videos..

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Earn excellent commissions selling WCI products and services. Earn affiliate commissions as high as 50% offering everything from books and self-defense videos to registrations at our ninja camps

10 Tips for Increasing Your Safety and Security
Here's a list of 10 tips for anyone who wants to make themselves more safe and secure, regardless of whether they're traveling or staying at home.

Empowering Employees to Deter Workplace Violence
This article by self-protection expert Jeffrey M. Miller shows how adding simple, but effective training to your workplace violence program actually empowers employees and minimizes the threat of such

Articles: Select a Category and Gain More Power, Confidence & Control
Here you will find a gold mine of information including articles by Shidoshi Miller, descriptions of techniques...

Register Now! For Fall Ninja Camp 2007 - The Ultimate Ninja Experience!
Register now for WCI's fall ninja training camp 2007! Be a part of Ninja history as you immerse yourself in an intense weekend of training, study, and adventure as you experience the ancient...

Let Shidoshi Miller Empower Your Group or Organization with a Hosted Event.
Hosting an in-house training event with Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller can be the best thing you could ever do. Each event is designed to inform, educate, and empower.


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