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We're looking for motivated individuals who understand what it means to be an affiliate - hard-working individuals who are self-managing and have a vision of a better life for themselves and others. As a member of our team, you will be helping not only those individuals who need what we have to offer to empower their own lives, but you'll be helping yourself as well.

Our affilaites are treated just as if they we an official staff member at one of WCI's official training facilities. You are an important part of our overall growth and our ability to get these powerful, life-changing products into the hands of our customers.

In that light, you are one of the most important assets we have!

A Real Program for Serious People

Sick of useless "banner click through" affiliate programs where you rarely see any revenue generated? If you are searching for a REAL way to generate revenue for yourself, regardless of whether you have an affiliate website, or are looking to be an exclusive WCI representative, the Warrior Concepts' Affiliate Program is for you! The program is simple and works by allowing your to sell our powerful and effective martial arts, self-defense, and personal development products and services from your website, and there are no fulfillment hassles (our products are either downloaded directly to the customer's computer or we fulfill all orders and handle the shipping).

All you do is promote, sell, and earn!

Every time you sell one or more item,you will earn a commission from 10 - 50%!!!

WCI products and Services Offer You REAL Revenue Generators!

Here are some of the commission structures that you can expect from us.

Every time one of your visitors buys a martial arts or self-defense product from the Warrior Concepts Online Store by clicking through from your web site, we will give you 10% of the total sale!

If the customer purchases one of Shidoshi Miller's books or videos, the commission jumps to a whopping 50%! That means, if they purchase the powerful "Danger Prevention Tactics" video for $19.95, you'll receive $9.97. If they purchase the book, "The Karate-Myth" and its support materials for $57...

... you'll earn a commission of $28.50!

And that's NOT All!

Our affiliates can also promote and register attendees for our seminars and camps, like the awesome Spring and Fall Ninja Training Camps! These events offer the best income opportunities for you, hands-down! Because, every time someone registers for , let's say, our Ninja Training Camp Experience for $499... receive a 20% commission. That's just under $100 for each and every participant that you register!

And unlike other programs you will not need to wait until the end of the month or until your commissions reach a certain level before you get your money, the Warrior Concepts' Affiliate Program will transfer your commissions directly into your PayPal account at the end of each week no matter how small or large your commissions are.

No commissions limit!

We pay our affiliates weekly! And there is no minimum pay out limit like most programs. Many programs will only pay you if you have generated over $50.00 in commissions. The WCI Affiliate Program will pay you weekly even if you have made only ONE SALE!!!

The Warrior Concepts' Affiliate Program is simple, profitable and helps WCI to provide real-world, reality-based self-defense and personal development materials and training opportunities to people all over the world.


The quickest way to begin making money is to register to sell Shidoshi Miller's powerful ebooks and Video Combo packages available through

Then, when you're ready, you can go on to register at and sell EVERYTHING WCI has to offer!

How it works...

Once you sign up as an affiliate for with payloadz, you’ll receive a unique affiliate ID – this is then used to track your click throughs and sales in real time. You will earn 50% commission on any sales you generate using this affiliate ID. They will provide you the affiliate code to copy and paste that is unique to your ID. That’s pretty much all there is to it!

It’s free and very easy to sign up, and we can provide email assistance if you have any problems or questions – remember that we’re here to make you money, as well as ourselves. You’ll make 50% for each sale you generate, you’re free to make as much, or as little money as you like. click here to see what you will be offering others as a WCI affiliate

You are welcome to use the series of articles on our website and at to promote these products. Just make sure that you include the right affiliate link code to receive your commissions.

Alternatively you can simply include a link to these articles rather than reproducing them on your website. If you would like to propose or discuss any new ideas for promoting any particular book or product, please feel free to contact us.

If You're Ready to Register for More RIGHT NOW!

Simply go to the Warrior Concepts Online Store and click on the "affiliate" link after you register as a member.

NOTE: We understand your need for privacy. However, some individuals have registered using fictitious names. If you do this and we do not have your correct, legal information, we cannot and will not pay you for your commissions! So, do yourself and us a favor and register properly.

Helping You Help Us

We will be adding support pages, both here and in the WCI Forums! Affiliate Section over the coming weeks and months. In the meantime...

Affiliates are hereby given permission to use the graphics associated with each product in connection with their promotional efforts. Please note that this permission IS LIMITED to only that use and no other use of any graphic, either as-is or modified in any way, is given.

If you have affiliate experience and have any suggestions for maximizing effort on the part of either WCI or affiliates in general, please feel free to let us know. All positive and productive comments are welcome.