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Seminars, Employee Training, Keynotes, and Presentations on Self-defense, Leadership, and Personal Development

Join other groups and organizations who have hosted events with Shidoshi Miller to empower their people with the skills they need to succeed in Today's often turbulent world. Organizations like:

  • Hemlock Council, Girl Scouts of America

  • Stephen F. Austin University

  • Ronin Associates

  • Spectrum Group

  • and others.

Hosting an Event is Easy...

Many people contact the Shidoshi wanting him to contact their organization or company to present a program. And, while this is great, the truth is that, unless you are the decision-maker for your group when it comes to hiring speakers, consultants, or training leaders, there is actually a better way.

You see, if we contact your group about sponsoring a hosted event, here's what usually happens:

  • We send an information packet to a contact person

  • Since this person hasn't seen our materials or the quality of information we provide before, our packet is placed on a pile of others offering, at least to this person, the same thing

  • Then, with little to no qualified background in the topics we specialize in, either this person or a group of others like him or her, will decide on which "packet" will be chosen when they are ready to sponsor an in-house hosted event.

No. The easiest, quickest, and best way to get Shidoshi Miller in front of your group, is for you to personally contact your organization directly. That way...

  • YOU know who we are and what we provide so you can express that directly. And...

  • As a member of the organization, you will have influence over which expert your group brings in (even if you;re not very high on the decision-making ladder!)

  • Based on your recommendation, your group could take action much faster than if they were left unmotivated by someone like you who really wants to see everyone benefit. And finally...

  • You will have saved your group tons of valuable time in trying to decide on both:
    • Whether or not to bring in someone, and...
    • Who to bring in!

Scheduling an Event

When you're ready to schedule an event, simply call WCI at (570) 988-1989 and ask to speak with Shidoshi Miller directly. That way, he can answer any of your questions and help you choose the program that's best for your group's needs.

Also,when you call, please have some dates already picked out. That way, we can significantly cut down on delays and get your group on our calendar. Please remember that, between his own training schedule and hosted event bookings, the Shidoshi's calendar is very full. Having several dates in mind increases your chances of finding one that is open.

The following is a list of the typical costs for programs offered by Shidoshi Miller. Prices are determined by topic and group type. Special consideration is given to smaller groups and non-profits. Please remember, however, that this is what the Shidoshi does for a living, and he is very good at it. If you or your organization is comfortable with "good enough" or is unwilling to pay for value, then it would probably be best for you to NOT seek out help from Shidoshi Miller.

While this may sound harsh, it really is a waste of time for all involved for us to work with any but the truly serious.


Guest Speaker - $250 - $1,000. (up to 1/2 hour talk on a single topic)

1 to 3 hour presentation (may include hands-on instruction) $750 - 2,500

Full Day Seminar - $1,500 - $3,500

Multi-Day Training Program - $2,500 - $8,000+ (Depending on length, topics, number of attendees, etc.)

Please note: The above fees DO NOT include expenses such as travel, accomodations, meals, etc. Please factor these into your calculations.

All fees quoted are per presentation. Multiple presentations of the same program during the same booking also receive a special discount.

Ask About How You Can Get Shidoshi Miller To Present or Teach For FREE! Non-Profits, schools, churches, etc. Ask about our non-profit discounts.