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What Happens Next?

You are now officially enrolled into the Accelerated Martial Arts Instructor Training & Certification Course! Your course goes live at 8pm on Thursday, May 3rd and will run every Thursday evening (with a few exceptions) at the same time for the a total of 16 classes.

Within a day or two, depending on when you enrolled, you will begin to receive your starter materials. Some of these should be printed out and saved for the first session. Others will be task assignments that must be completed BEFORE the start of class 1.

I look forward to sharing with you some of the most powerful lessons, skills, methods and systems that I have learned or created over the past 20 plus years for helping my students to reach their full potential.

I know that if you are serious about becoming the best educator that you can be, and you begin to put these lessons to use right away...

...then you will see some truly amazing changes - both in yourself and in those you are looking to educate, motivate, and inspire - just as I did!

Again, watch your email for the initial lessons for this course, as well as the weekly announcement email which will contain the details for that week's live teleseminar/webinar group training class.

You have embarked on a journey which few martial arts and self-defense instructors ever even consider, let alone take. And when you are finished, you will know more about human psychology, motivation, and communication than 99.9% of the population on this planet!

Just think what you'll be able to do for yourself and others as a result!

Peace, Happiness & Success!

Shidoshi Miller