Your Registration for
Daikomyo-sai 2024
is Complete!

Thank you for registering for the upcoming 2024 Daikomyosai training intensive.

Your registration confirmation number will be sent to you from PayPal (or provided on a confirmation page). Keep this number for your records in case something happens in the world of cyberspace as proof of your registration and payment. Please note that there is a strict no-refund policy if your reservation is canceled within 48 hours of the camp start.

Event Details...

"Celebration of the Great Cosmic Light!"

WHERE: Warrior Concepts Black Belt & Life Mastery Academy

Bujinkan Mori no Tora Dojo
              2346 N. Susquehanna Trail, Selinsgrove, Pa. 17870

WHEN: January 5th, 6th & 7th, 2024

Friday Evening Session - 8pm to 10pm

Saturday & Sunday - 9am to Noon & 2pm - 5pm

Daikomyo-Sai Birthday Celebration Dinner - Saturday, Jan 8th 8 - 10pm (held at a local restaurant - not included in training fees). Reservations for this dinner party must be received by Friday, December 29th or space cannot be guaranteed!

Early Registration/Check-in: Friday, January 5th from 5 - 8pm (Students arriving Friday evening are welcome to train in our regular classes at no additional charge!)

(Any balance due on camp fees, pre-ordered gear/equipment, etc. is due at this time)

  Check-in: Saturday, January 6th from 8 - 9am
(If you will be arriving after regular check-in, a staff assistant will direct you to the changing rooms where you can prepare for and then join in class. We will "catch-up on" administrative details at the first available break.)

NOTE: If you are registered for the virtual option, you will receive separate instructions and sign-in details as they become available.

What To Bring...

To get the most out of this year's training experience, you should plan to bring the following training gear with you:

  • Black training uniforms or equivalent (Camo uniforms are acceptable for outdoor training sessions)

  • Black training T-shirt(s) (or others pre-approved for training)

  • Tabi Soft-soled training (or plain black athletic-type) socks for indoor training

  • Jika-Tabi Rubber-soled tabi (or soft-soled, sneakers or walking shoes) for outdoor training

  • Notebook

  • Appropriate funds to cover your daily meals (not covered in your seminar fee), etc.



  • Bokken (wooden training sword)

  • Rokushaku-bo 6' Staff weapon

  • Hanbo (half-staff/ 3' short stick)

  • Training Knife (plastic or wooden is best - try to avoid rubber)

  • Handgun mock-up (plastic, rubber, or wooden)

If you do not have these items and would like to purchase them to maximize your training, there will be a limited supply available through our Pro Shop.

No video recording devices permitted! Audio recordings made for your own use are allowed, but a copy of all recordings must be provided to Dai-Shihan Miller at the end of the Daikomyo-sai for his exclusive use.

Where to Stay...

If you are not an active, local training student of Dai-Shihan Miller, not commuting back-and-forth to your home after training each night, and/or are unfamiliar with the area...

...the following is a list of local hotels/motels with varying room rates. Note - You will need to investigate each to find the one that best suites your needs and price range.

List of Local Hotel/Motels:

    Comfort Inn - 613 North Susquehanna Trail, Selinsgrove
    Approx 6mi from Dojo (plenty of restaurant choices in-between)
                  Phone: (570) 374-8880

    Econo Lodge Inn & Suites - 3249 North Susquehanna Trail, Shamokin Dam

                  Phone: (570) 743-1111

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites - 651 N. Susquehanna Trail, Selinsgrove

                  Phone: (570) 743-9275

    Hampton Inn - 3 Stettler Ave, US Rte 11 and 15, Selinsgrove

                  Phone: (570) 743-2223

If you have any questions or need assistance arranging for a place to stay (hotel, etc.), please call the academy at (570) 884-1118.


For directions to the academy, the address for a MapQuest search is:

Warrior Concepts Black Belt Academy
2346 N. Susquehanna Trail
Selinsgrove, Pa. 17870

NOTE: For those who are driving in, please be aware that there is a an additional parking lot behind the dojo as well as the one located in the front.

For Students Arriving By Air...

The Harrisburg Int'l Airport is actually in Middletown, Pa. This is approximately 1 1/2 hours away from the dojo. If you need to arrange for shuttle service with us, either Dai-Shihan Miller or another staff member can pick you up (during non-training times, or within 3 hours of training ONLY). Please take this into account when booking your flight, then call the academy at (570) 884-1118 and provide your arrival/departure dates and times, as-well-as flight information.

We will not charge for the "service" of getting you here or back to the airport, however; due to the cost of fuel, you should be prepared to compensate your driver for the cost to drive to and from the airport (both ways).

We look forward to training with you very soon!


WCI Staff