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Warrior Concepts Founder
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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
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Register now for this free online training event. During this live teleseminar, Shidoshi Miller will be opening the doors for a peek inside the world of the Ninja's Mikkyo esoteric mind-science training - the core philosophy underlying the Life-Mastery aspects of Ninpo. Join the Shidoshi for a very deep-level exploration into Why you're off-track in your life and how to get the kind of results and level of control that you've been looking for.

Shidoshi Miller will be covering the following topics:

  • What is MIKKYO?

  • What is needed, more than anything else, if you are to truly be in control of your life, and...

  • The 3 Secrets of Success - the core aspect that makes the study and practice of Ninpo-Mikkyo different than any other personal development system!

However, to insure that you get a chance to participate, this event is being limited to the first 30 students who register for this powerful, life-empowering training. But, don't worry if you miss the call, or you're not quick enough to get a seat...

...the call will be recorded so that you can still get all of the great information and guidance that the Shidoshi will be giving to you in this free teleclass. (You must be registered for the event to receive a copy of the recording!)

What Else Will You Be Learning?

During this powerful training opportunity, you will also have the opportunity to ask up to 3 questions about anything that is challenging you in your life. And, you will get Shidoshi Miller's honest answer, based on his three (plus)decades of study, insight, and experience in applying these lessons to his own life.

And, he will tell you how to get a new program designed to take you through the "First 7 Steps on the Path," just for being on this call.

So, if you want a chance to work with Shidoshi Miller personally on some of your life challenges - if you want to learn why most people are living a life that feels like a roller coaster ride and how to escape the endless cycles of "same 'thing' - different day", then you want to be on this call!

To Register: choose the class time that works with your schedule and submit your information. That's all it takes to gain instant access to this limited, closed-door event with Shidoshi Miller. Remember - even if you can't make the call, you can still send in a question, and you'll have access to the free recording afterwards.


Simply click on the teleclass that fits your schedule and then enter your information into the form to get in on this special "Free Gift" of training from Shidoshi Miller - one of the most trusted and experienced teachers in the world of Ninpo training online today!

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 (All times Eastern)

12pm / Noon


Ninpo-Mikkyo master-teacher Jeffrey M. Miller
Study Mikkyo, esoteric Japanese life-mastery philosophy with Buccho, Jeffrey M. Miller

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