Your place on this year's Japan Ninja Training Trip has been reserved with your Down Payment!

This page is solely for paid students who are registered for the Japan Ninjutsu Training Trip with Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller. If you landed on this page without first registering, go here for more information.

Please Note: Unless otherwise approved, the balance remaining for your trip is due NOT LATER THAN September 15th, 2010. Also note that, due to the nature of the trip and the fact that we will be purchasing most of your expense items for you (i.e. airfare, etc.), that no refunds can be made on your down payment.

What's Next?...

You will be receiving additional information and a "Welcome Letter" very shortly, as well as the time/date(s) of the free tele-classes that I will be holding to get you as ready as possible for your trip and the experiences that you will be having!

It will be very important that you attend these virtual, online classes, as I will be going over some very important topics to make sure that you will be completely ready for your trip. If you cannot attend any of these "classes", it will be very important for you to let me know, so that I can get a recording of the class to you.

Again... these complimentary classes are a very important part of your trip and are being provided as an extra bonus for being a part of this dedicated group of students.

I want to personally welcome you to my training group of dedicated students who will be joining me in Japan this year!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to me at

I look forward to training with you very soon!

In Mastery!

Shidoshi Miller