Martial Arts Books Recommended By Shidoshi Jeffrey M. Miller

With the proper mindset, it's easy to see how the martial arts books and videos available today are exactly the same as the scrolls of yesterday. Remembering that the purpose of the ancient scrolls was to transmit the ancient knowledge and secrets of a particular martial lineage on to the next generation...

... if you have books written by master martial arts teachers - you are in possession of 'scrolls!'

I will be adding reviews on this page of many of the martial arts books that I personally recommend for those studying the warrior arts in general, and ninjutsu specifically.

The martial arts books reviewed on this page will range from philosophy to strategy, and from...

... techniques to tactics.

Many are required reading for my own students while others are highly recommended for gaining the insight necessary to understand the martial arts, its philosophy, and the warrior arts as a way of life.

Be sure to check back often to see the updates as new books will be added regularly.

Note: If you're looking for books about self-defense, self-defense for women, children's self-defense, as well as self-defense related topics like home security, child safety and self defense for the traveler, click on the Self-Defense Books button the the navigation bar at the upper left of this page.