Ninja Special Weapons & Tactics DVD

Master The Hanbo, Jutte, & Tessen

Part of the Warrior Concepts'
"Living Seminar Series"

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What if you could learn the universal principles that allowed you to use literally dozens of weapons? What could you do with that information? How would it effect your training and progress?

Would your skill level increase?
Could you defend yourself in more situations?
Would you be able to offer more training to your students and friends?

The key to martial arts and self-defense mastery - to true budo - is in learning the unifying principles and concepts that are working in nature. They are the keys to defending yourself in any situation, against any attacker, anywhere.

Learn How To Effectively Use Three Powerful Weapons AND Improve Every Area of Your Skill Development In
"Ninja Special Weapons & Tactics..."

After watching this dvd, you will have a better understanding of the:

  • Hanbo "half-staff" (3' stick/cane weapon)

  • Jutte "ten hands" (iron truncheon/sword-catcher), and...

  • Tessen "iron (war) fan"

You will learn:

  • the concept of "universality of technique" across weapons...

  • to recognize 'weapon types' instead of merely seeing each weapon as a separate "thing" to be learned - each divorced from and distinct from every other weapon.

  • a brief history of each weapon

  • how the hanbo was seen and used very differently by the ancient warriors than we do today

  • the commonality between these three powerful tools

  • the 5 weapon classifications of real budo and how to use them to increase the speed at which you progress towards mastery

  • proper taijutsu principles and concepts for maximizing your power and ability with each weapon

  • modern variations of the hanbo, jutte, and tessen as weapon "types"

  • proper grips, striking, and kamae positioning to maximize the power and effectiveness of each technique

  • and more

    This video was shot live at a recent seminar. It is being edited and offered as part of the Warrior Concepts' Living Seminar Training Series. It will be ready for shipment on January 5th at the regular price of $49US.

    Students and clients outside of the US, please make sure that your dvd player has NTSC playback capability as this dvd is ONLY available in NTSC format.

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