Online Ninja Training For The Serious Solo Student

Long distance training resources for the lone Ninja Warrior. Online ninja training books, videos, and live courses perfect for the student looking to learn ninjutsu but isn't close enough to a teacher.

Choose from the following online ninja training resources:

Ninja Training Books & Manuals

  • Becoming A Warrior - Learn what makes ninjutsu different
  • Self-Defense Mastery Home Study Course

Ninja Training Video Courses

  • Ninja Training Camp DVDs - Part of the WCI Live Training Series

Webinars & Teleseminar Programs

  • Get the training you need
  • Register for upcoming programs or put your name on the list to be notified of upcoming training opportunities

Online Ninja Training Podcast

  • KUDEN: Shidoshi Miller's online radio show about Ninja Training, Martial Arts, Personal Development, Self-Defense, and Bujinkan training.

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