Science of Self-Defense Video Series

Today's Lesson:
"What IS And What IS NOT Self-Defense?"

Hi. Jeffrey Miller here from Warrior Concepts. In this episode, I'll be discussing what appears to be a simple lesson about self-defense but, in reality, causes a ton of confusion - both online and off!

They say that knowledge is power. But I disagree with that.

If knowledge were power, then university professors would be the most powerful people in the world!

No. The proper use of correct knowledge is power. And that's where we begin...

In making sure that we're clear about what is and what is not self-defense - and self-defense training for that matter.

So, watch the video. Then, think about how your past decisions may have been guided one-way or another based on what you perceived to be true about self-defense training.

Are you serious about developing real self defense skills? I mean, the kind of skills that self defense experts, law enforcement professionals, undercover operatives, security professionals use every day to be safe in Today's unsafe world?

If so, here's the link to a resource that will teach you more in a few hours, than most martial arts and self defense students learn in a year! Here's the link:

Natural Human Defensive Response Training

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