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Well Now You Can Learn What it Really Takes to overcome a bigger, stronger, brutal, and more powerful assailant, by using what you already have but in a whole new way?!

Every day, millions of people go to a self-defense or martial class in the hopes of learning some real skills and knowledge that will allow them to be able to defend themselves should they ever be attacked. And every day, more and more of these people drop out of their classes because they realize that what's being taught... ... doesn't work!

self defense book author Jeffrey M. Miller

  Hi, my name is Jeffrey Miller, and I teach people how to not die at the hands of brutal attackers in today's often unsafe world. In fact, I've been training, researching, and proving what I teach on the streets as a police officer, undercover investigator, and bodyguard for over 30 years.

I'm not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you that I offer something very different from the average, so-called, self-defense expert or "karate master." I'm saying that...

If you're serious about learning effective, real-world self-defense skills and strategies, then you might be interested in what I have to say. If not, then may I suggest that...'re on the wrong web site.


If you're here by choice then you might like to know that I've taken the time to compile some of my best works on the subject of real-world, street-fighting self-defense into an easy-to-read report that gets to the point about what's missing and what's needed if you're to be truly prepared to defend yourself against a brutal assailant out for blood...

...and WIN!


The name of this powerful, hard-hitting ebook is,

"Fight Smarter - Not Harder!"


...and it's about just that.


I'm sure you know that, contrary to what goes on in a sport wrestling match or karate tournament, in a real-world attack - in a brutal self-defense situation, there are...

  • no rules
  • no time limits, and...
  • no referees
...on the street.


In fact, in the "urban jungle," where street fights, attacks, muggings, rapes, and the worst the human race can throw at you happen every day, the reality is that...


...fancy martial arts styles and unproven theory are the LAST thing you need!


And, as with any jungle, the law of survival requires - no, DEMANDS - that you understand the number one rule - the rule of...


Energy Conservation


You MUST last longer than your opponent. And when he is bigger, faster, and stronger than you (or there's more of them), you can't afford to take any chances - you can't hope that what you're learning from some guy with a black belt and a few tricky moves is going to work when you're being pummeled, stabbed, or brutalized by a human animal.


Don't get me wrong. I have a black belt, but not in a sport karate type system that bases success on "points" or how good your Kata ('prearraged string of moves') looks! The point is that... Not everyone (few in fact) wearing a martial arts black belt or teaching a self-defense class... knows what he or she is doing!

Free Self-Defense Book

"Fight Smarter - Not Harder!" cuts through the clutter of misinformation, theories, and out-right crap being passed off as self-defense today, and gives you guidance so that you can make sure you're ready - really ready! It gives you what few others can even begin to give you. It gives you...

  • Critical Lessons For Being More Safe
  • Tips For Overcoming The Victim-Mentality, and...
  • Surviving a Real-World Street Attack

Here's a glimpse of what's inside...


  • 1. Aiming for the BEST Targets in a Self-Defense Situation!
  • 2. The Best Self-Defense Strategy - The 6 Phases of a Perfect Self-Defense Plan
  • 3. Self-Defense and Safety Tips for Travelers
  • 4. In a Self-Defense Situation - Fight Smarter, Not Harder
  • 5. Self-Defense - Choosing to be a Survivor Instead of a Victim
  • 6. Reality-Based Self-Defense: 19 Principles You Must Know for Surviving a Real-World Street Attack
  • 7. Self Defense: Why Most Adults Drop Out of Martial Arts Classes
  • 8. Common Myths About Home Security
  • 9. Non-Combative Self-Defense

"Fight Smarter - Not Harder!" calls on my 30+ years of experience as a police officer, undercover investigator, private detective, and body guard - professions that required that what I learned HAD to work - Every Time.

It combines this real-world, street-fighting self-defense experience with my knowledge, study, and research into the realms of human physiology, psychology, and almost two-thirds of my life sifting through the martial arts and self-defense world trying to find the teachers who really did know what they were talking about. And, the best part is that...


I'm Giving It Away FREE!


I'm glad you asked. Three reasons actually.

First, I'm running a special promotion to get as many new members onto my newsletter list that I felt that it was only right that I gave you something with lots of value in exchange for your trust. I normally sell this report for $7. And, I'll be putting it back up for sale at the end of this promotion so, if you want a copy without paying for it, you'll need to get it now!

  Second. You probably don't know me, or how I'm different from most of the people here on the internet passing themselves off as self-defense experts. So, what better way for me to prove my worth, so-to-speak, than to give you a sample of what I offer my best and most serious students? I am supremely confident that, once you read this report and put some of the lessons to work, that you'll want more from me.

  Finally. this is what I do. This is my contribution - how I make my world a better place - by teaching people just like you what it really takes to be safe in a world filled with violence, terrorism, and uncertainty. Quite frankly, I've seen what's being passed-off as self-defense training and you know what, if I don't put this information out there, some really good people - people who put their trust in these so-called experts - people who might have benefited from what I have to offer...

...are going to get hurt, and hurt badly, if they ever come face-to-face with a brutal attacker!

The other great thing about this report is that...'s a digital download.

Which means there's no waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Just order now and, in about 5 minutes, you'll be reading your new report!

Ah well.

That's it. That's all there is to it.

All that remains now is your decision.

Do you navigate away from this page and the information in this life-saving report?

Or, do you...