Are You Looking for an Effective Self-Defense Program That Will Teach All You Need to Know Without Having to Spend Years Earning a Black Belt in Karate?

"Emotion-Based Defensive Response"
March 15th & 16th, 2014


Location: WCI Training Academy

        362 Market St, Sunbury, Pa. 17801 USA

10:02p.m. EST

From the Desk of:

Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI
Founder & Director

Warrior Concepts Int'l, Inc.
362 Market Street, Sunbury, Pa. 17801 USA
Phone (570) 884-1118

Author of "The Karate-Myth"
Co-Author of: "Workplace Violence in Mental and General Healthcare Settings"
"GIS in Hospital and Healthcare Emergency Management

RE: Using your body's own natural self-defense mechanisms for handling a dangerous situation quickly and easily

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Hi. In case you don't know me, my name is Jeffrey M. Miller. I'm an author, video producer and creator of the EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training Program. And...

I'd like to ask you a few questions. Okay?

Do you want to learn powerful, proven, and time-tested methods for defending yourself without having to worry about whether or not you'll freeze up when the time comes?

How about learning how to effectively protect yourself and others from harm without all of the years of training, military-like discipline, uniforms, or colored belts found in the typical karate program?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I think I understand, all-too-well, what you want and need in the way of staying safe in Today's often violent world.

You see, I grew up in the big city. Not being an aggressive child, I found myself on the receiving end of the bullying and attacks from others. As I grew up, I became ever more aware of the need for self-defense skills but also found myself really turned off by the attitudes and aggression that I saw within the karate schools that I visited.

Moving from one instructor to the next over a period of years and reading books and magazines on the subject, I finally became of age to be able to do something about the problem.

Do you know what I did?

I became...

... a police officer.

I figured that, as a cop, I was both...

  • Less likely to be the target of "bad-guys," and...

  • In a position to protect others from the assaults unleashed by both criminal attackers and others who felt the need to lash out at others through anger, rage, and disapointment.

I wish I could tell you that that solved my problem. But then, if it had, I probably wouldn't be writing this letter you're reading.

No. What being a police officer, undercover investigator, and eventually a body guard and private investigator gave me was...


Experience with...

  1. Seeing the true scope of the problem

  2. Learning what types of attacks the average person was most likely going to have to defend against

  3. Testing different martial arts and self-defense "styles" and "theories" to see what did, and did not, work in the real world

  4. Recognizing how the body naturally responded under pressure. Responses that HAD to be taken into account when training if a person was going to be able to survive.

Like everyone else, you want to learn to defend yourself, and others close to you. Unlike most though, you recognize the need for learning the skills necessary to protect yourself.

But, the pressures of life, job, and even finances continually prevent you from taking action to get the much-needed training that will allow you to be safe.

Perhaps you've already tried a program or two and found that they just didn't "feel right." Maybe the attacks weren't realistic based on what you know you'll have to deal with. Maybe you spent more time exercising and moving like a robot, than actually learning how to avoid a punch or get a mugger off of you.

Then again, maybe you didn't have a problem with the techniques. Maybe you question whether or not you'll "freeze up" when the time comes and you won't be any better off than someone who didn't learn anything.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What you need is a street-smart system that is quick and easy to learn, that will provide you with proven, time-tested techniques, tactics and strategies, and allow you to effectively defend yourself against the most common attacks used by assailants today - not in 16th-century Japan!

Until recently, the only way to discover such a system was to either...

  • Spend countless hours scouring the internet for books, articles, and videos, or...

  • Gamble your life on the instructor down the street who may or may not have ever had to defend themselves outside of a rule-laiden karate tournament...

... both methods leading to painful, frustrating, time-consuming, and confusing trial and error. But, now you can master such a system in just two days.

Introducing the...

"EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training System"

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What is EDR?

EDR stands for Emotion-based Defensive Response. It is a system of my own creation, based on over thirty years of actual, hands-on study, research, and...

... most importantly...

self-defense arm-bar
...real-world experience dealing with and protecting myself and others from enraged assailants bent on damaging, demoralizing, and brutalizing another human being.

During this powerful, information-filled, and fun two-day, hands-on seminar intensive, you'll discover the time-tested techniques used by the experts... and you'll learn how to match them up with your body's own natural defense mechanisms - all this presented in a step-by-step system you can begin implimenting the minute you walk out the door.

Click Here for more information about the EDR System

What You'll Learn in this Powerful Self-Defense Course

During this life-changing and empowering program, you'll learn how to...

  • Recognize and use your body's own natural defense mechanism

  • Effectivelly use the "fight/flight" mechanism and overcome the most overlooked response - "freezing" under attack!

  • Use your own emotional responses to stress and danger to always be able to respond with exactly the right technique for overcoming your assailant

  • Apply scientific principles like leverage, angling, and timing to appear stronger, faster, and trickier than your attacker

  • Stay focused and calm under pressure instead of panicking, and...

  • Use the single-most effective strategy for preventing an assailant from ever touching you

In addition, you're also going to learn some very powerful self-defense techniques that are both quick and easy to learn. In the short span of two days, you'll learn time-tested and proven techniques that will allow you to...

  • Easily avoid punches, slaps, and kicks

  • Effortlessly escape from holds and restraints

  • Break your attacker's grip when you've been grabbed

  • Apply your strength against their weak points to gain control of the situation

  • And More!

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Here's What You Get

In addition to 12 hours of the best self-defense training that can be found anywhere (divided into 4 easy-to-comprehend sessions for ease of learning), you'll also receive...

  • An official EDR: Non-Martial Arts Training Program Course Workbook

  • A copy of my very popular, DANGER PREVENTION TACTICS: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro DVD

  • A copy of my newest book, The Karate-Myth,

  • A copy of the book, Controlling the Fight, and...

  • An official EDR Certificate of Training, suitable for framing

When you compare the value of what you're getting, and what you'd have to pay for each of these benefits separately, the choice is clear. In fact, here's the breakdown of what you'd pay if you were purchasing each of these items separately...

12 Hours of training (@ $150/hr) $1,800.00

Danger Prevention Tactics DVD $29.95

The Karate-Myth book $40.00

Controlling the Fight book $17.00

Course Workbook and Materials $97.00

Certificate of Training Priceless!

Total Value Over $1,983.95

Your Cost for Attending this All-in-One Course...

Just  $297!  $147

Reserve Your Place Now!

Now... I can't make it any better than that. Well, according to some people I could. But then 2 things would happen.

1) I wouldn't be able to take care of my family very well. And, more importantly...

2) No one would take the program seriously!

Honestly. Just ask all the people who visit this site looking for free stuff when they already have a hard drive full of self defense articles, ebooks, and YouTube videos that they're not doing anything with!

Registration Is Easy...

Here's the deal. To make sure that every participant gets as much training and personal attention from me that they need, I'm limiting this event to 20 students. That's it.

So, if you want to lock in one of these spaces right now, simply click on the secure PayPal link below so you can complete your registration. After we receive your registration fee, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration paperwork, as-well-as information about...

  • directions to the Academy,

  • Local area hotels,

  • Local attractions for family members,

  • ...and more

Please insure that you click the appropriate link for either the full event or 1 Day only from the choices below

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I look forward to training with you very soon!

Peace, Happiness & Safety!

Jeffrey M. Miller

Founder & Director
Warrior Concepts Int'l
Creator of the
EDR: Non-Martial Arts Defensive Training System