The "Little Dragons" Program

The Perfect Child Development Program
for 3 - 6 Year Olds

Our one-of-a-kind tots program was the first to be offered in the area. This powerful program is designed especially for children 3 through 6 years old. The program teaches the powerful life-enhancing skills of:

  • Respect
  • Discipline, and...
  • Focus...

...while also focusing on

  • Manners
  • Coordination, and... ...
  • Socialization skills.

Children learn real-world safety skills which will allow a smaller, younger defender to escape from a dangerous situation.

Powerful Changes

From almost the very first class, you'll see a tremendous change come over your child. You may find them to be more respectful, better behaved, and more confident.

If you're ready to see positive change in your child, give us a call at (570) 884-1118. Don't forget to take advantage of our internet special and mention it when you call.

When you're ready to enroll your child in our powerful program, we'll be here for you.

Peace and Happiness,

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
Founder and Director
Warrior Concepts International
Self-Protection & Personal Development

PS - Click here for more information about child-development and WCI's unique approach to make sure that your child is learning more than punching and kicking skills.

PSS - At WCI, your child will earn their martial arts black belt because he or she is able to get results WITHOUT fighting. Of course, they'll be able to defend themselves if they need to. But, at WCI, we turn kids into Leaders, not fighters!

Give Your Child The Gift Of Confidence!
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Schedule Your Child's Trial Class!
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