Science of Self-Defense Video Series

Episode #4: "Can I Lean On My Own?"

Hi, Jeffrey Miller here from Warrior Concepts with your next self defense video in the Science of Self-Defense Training Series.

In this episode, I'll be discussing the frequently-asked question about whether or not you can train yourself or, can you learn from books and videos.

I talk about the pro's and con's of self-study and offer some suggestions for getting the most out of this type of training.

I want to thank you again for your trust in me, and your dedication to yourself and getting this part of your life handled. So, sit back, relax, and click on the link to start watching this episode of the "Science of Self-Defense Video Series."


...if you want a good place to begin your training - to start using the same principles and concepts that real experts use every day to be safe - if you want to increase your awareness and learn EXACTLY what clues signal danger:

  • When driving
  • In a restaurant
  • at an ATM

If you want to be able to:

  • survive a plane, train, or other public transportation disaster
  • avoid being ambushed in your car or parking garage
  • live happy and stress-free knowing that you can avoid 95% of the attackers hunting for victims right now...

Check out the Danger Prevention Tactics DVD. Here's the URL if the link isn't active in your browser...

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Peace and Happiness,

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