Training for Children


The programs for children at Warrior Concepts International are not simply adult programs delivered for children, they are designed to offer your child the lessons that he or she needs to be safe and successful in Today's world.

Kids have unique needs when it comes to learning, not just self defense and safety, but also in developing the life skills of a leader. At Warrior Concepts International, we're specialists at providing the benefits the martial arts have always been known for. But, unlike most martial arts schools, we haven't just converted the adult materials for kids, we've...

...built our programs from the ground up with a perfect blend of educational curriculum and fun.

Your child will have fun, while learning the important lessons they need.

You'll feel great knowing that your child is learning the important lessons while they're having fun.

Isn't that a perfect balance?!

Two Programs for
2 Different Development Stages

Depending on your child's age, he or she has certain needs that are as different from other age groups as they are from those of adults. Our programs are age-specific.

What that means is...

... the youth development programs here at WCI are designed around:

  • 1. Your child's level of understanding
  • 2. His or her physical needs
  • 3. The goals that you have for them, and...
  • 4. Their primary threat level when it comes to facing danger in the world.

At Warrior Concepts, we have two unique programs for children.

To get information about these powerful and empowering children's programs, click on the link that best reflects your child's age right now.

"Little Dragons" For 3 - 6 year olds
This is a unique "Stranger-Danger" program that combines child safety with lessons to improve your childs socializion, coordination, and manner skills.

"Mighty Tigers" For 7 - 12 year olds
Also known as our "Strong-Kid/Safe-KidProgram, combines self-defense, lessons for dealing with bullies, and increasing your child's level of respect, self-discipline, and confidence.

Get more information about our programs for children here

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