Child Development Training for Kids at Warrior Concepts


More and more parents, just like yourself, who are looking for child development, are turning to the study of martial arts as a means of teaching their child the positive traits of confidence, respect, and discipline. They've heard about or experienced for themselves, the positive benefits of martial arts training.

These are involved parents who want the best for their kids - people looking for an educational child development program that is fun - not another activity or pastime that their child will start and quit like so many others.

The martial arts have always been a source and perfect balance of effective defense and powerful living. The Youth Mastery Programs at Warrior Concepts continue this tradition by offering a complete child development course of study which gives kids the tools they need for increasing

  • confidence
  • developing discipline, and...
  • focusing on setting and achieving worthwhile goals.

All the traits that will make them successful...

...not just in the martial arts, but at school, home and in the community.

At Warrior Concepts International, we know that that's exactly what you want for your child. At WCI, we're not just creating Black Belts, we're creating the leaders of the future!

The sad fact is that most conventional martial arts schools do not, and often cannot, hold the two aspects of self-defense training and life skills study under one roof. The Youth Mastery Programs at Warrior Concepts are not generic sport karate classes that kids take instead of soccer, baseball or some other activity or hobby. It's a complete educational program. A program that teaches both child development and child safety. It's a program...

... that teaches the lessons that your child will need to be successful in anything and everything they decide to do for the rest of their life.

In fact, a careful study of any school or college will show that, while what they teach will make your child smarter, none are prepared, nor do they offer the things that children will need to grow up to be powerful, positive, and productive members of our society.

The Warrior Concept Youth Master Program will teach your child the important, life-empowering traits of a Leader:

  • Confidence
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Sacrifice
  • Respect
  • Goal-setting & Achievement
  • Sacrifice, and...
  • Vision.

Your Child Will
Become a
Black Belt

Not just in the Martial Arts,
but in Life!

More information about developing super kids at Warrior Concepts Int'l

Child Safety is everyone's concern...

If you care about your family, you owe it to yourself to be able to handle yourself

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If you're a parent who wants to give your child a head-start in life, the Warrior Concepts Youth Mastery Programs could be just what you've been looking for.

For more information about this and other great WCI programs, call (570) 988-2228 today!

Thank You for your interest in our programs. When you're ready to find out how to get your child started on the road toward being a leader, not just in the martial arts but in life, give us a call.

Peace and Happiness,

Jeffrey M. Miller, Shidoshi
Founder and Director
Warrior Concepts International
Self-Protection & Personal Development