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NEW! Don't Fall Victim To This Critical Mistake In Your Martial Arts and Self-Defense Training

NEW! Natural Human Self-Defense - The 4 Emotional Self-Defense Modes

5 Tips for Increasing Your Safety and Self-Defense in These Uncertain Times

How to Study Karate or Other Martial Arts and Still Be Good at Self-Defense

One of the most common reasons people fail in a self-defense situation, even those with prior training, is that they lack certain key pieces of the formula for coming out on top of a violent situation. This article explains not only what's missing but also what you can do to gain the advantage and win!

Emotion-based Defensive Response (part 1)

In a Self-Defense Situation - Fight Smarter, Not Harder

4 Reasons Why Kicking an Attacker in the Groin is a Bad Idea During a Self-Defense Situation

In a Self-Defense Situation, Control the Distance and You Control the Fight

Non-Combative Self-Defense

Self-Defense and Safety Tips for Travelers

NEW! 3 Keys To Effective Self-Defense

Self-Defense, Safety, and the 6 Keys to Effectiveness

NEW! Self-Defense Principles To "Live" By Part 1

Over 30 years of searching, study, and actual, real-world experience has brought me to the understanding that there are very few teachers in the world who can give you what you need. In a real-world attack, you need to have more than a few memorized tricks up your sleeve. You need to know more.

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