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Shidoshi Jeffrey Miller is an internationally-recognized self-protection expert, author, and corporate trainer who has dedicated the last 35 years of his life to helping tens of thousands to become more safe and secure in today's often dangerous world!

How Can He Help You?

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Master the Ninja Arts
  • Learn Ninjutsu & true Budo
  • Master the sword, staff, etc.
  • Become a Ninjutsu teacher
  • Live & think like a warrior
  • Wilderness survival skills
  • Transform yourself!

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Real-world Self-Defense
  • Street survival secrets
  • Defeat larger assailants
  • Defensive combat handgun
  • Weapon defense secrets
  • Become an expert yourself
  • Control any situation

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Corporate Training Programs
  • Workplace violence survival
  • Improve corporate security
  • Warrior-based leadership principles for executives and managers
  • Special programs for teachers & medical professionals
  • Employee empowerment & motivation
  • Assault avoidance, attack evasion & escaping danger

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Academy Training & Seminars
  • Become an Uchi-deshi "Live-in student"
  • Become a Black Belt!
  • Martial arts for kids
  • Tailor the training to fit your goals
  • Fun activities like summer youth camps, birthday parties, and more
  • Special trips to Chinatown, Asian arts museums, & even Japan!
  • Special seminars, Ninja Camps, and more!

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If you're serious about getting this area of your life handled, I invite you to contact me with any questions or feedback - to inquire about my programs or to offer a suggestion for training you'd like to see offered.

I can be reached at warriorc@warrior-concepts-online.com

Or, you can call me directly at my office at (570) 884-1118 to see if you qualify for one of my programs.

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Ninja Training
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DAIKOMYO-SAI 2017 - New Year's Intensive
January 6, 7 & 8, 2017
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From Students...

"Mr. Miller’s approach to self protection and occupational/work-place safety is both thorough and effective. Drawing on over two decades of martial arts, military, police and protection experience, he is able to distill the most useful aspects of self protection from a larger body of knowledge and package and present them in a way that makes them accessible to, and effective for, average people without the need for years of training. Mr. Miller teaches effective tactics for dealing with all stages of a developing situation, but his brains-over-brawn approach emphasizes the use of awareness and strategy to help avoid the need for physical confrontation. His methods are highly effective. Several of my students and I attend his training events at every possible opportunity."

John Healy, Personal Dev. Coach
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"A self protection situation is so much more than actual combat. In fact, Jeff Miller has taught me that self protection does not necessarily even involve a confrontational situation. It is about learning who I am…how I relate to myself, and how I present myself to others. It is about being the best that I can be at any moment in time, in any situation, with anyone or alone, at work or in leisure. It is about recognizing and overcoming my own internal obstacles and external distractions. It’s about knowing my ideals and living up to them in all areas of life to benefit myself, my business, and all others. Through all of this, I may actually avoid conflict. This is where self defense starts, long before the threatening situation occurs.

A very important part of my growth process has been knowing that my instructor teaches from more than a book, but from experience. Jeff Miller lives what he teaches. I know it’s real. It works for him, and it works for me. I’ve been training under his supervision since 1991.

I am not naturally coordinated or physically strong. I would have been an easy target for an attacker-physically, mentally, or emotionally. Mr. Miller has been one of the few people that could talk to me in very simple terms so that I get the message without feeling belittled. Rather, I feel empowered because I take the steps necessary to become the person I want to be, and I know I have his support-for life. Through Mr. Miller, I have learned to rely on my strengths while improving other areas. I don’t have to be something I’m not in order to be successful. I am confident that I can defend myself appropriately in any given situation.

Working in the long term care environment, I deal frequently with confused seniors. Some staff in this setting may feel the need to either take combative behavior or retaliate, hurting the disoriented senior. I have learned ways to prevent that person from hurting anyone, while not causing any harm myself.

My training means so much to me that I also became a teacher. Currently I focus on taking this great way of life to senior citizens. If even one person is able to overcome a difficult situation as the result of sharing this wonderful way of life, I know my mission has been accomplished."

Kimberly S. Noel President & CEO Spectrum Senior Consultants, Inc.

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